28 years. Retrospective of our successes and plans for the future.

"Aksioma" 28 years! And this is only beginning! Dear friends! We are together with you more than 27 years. In 1988 Aksioma was created, we did a lot and reached success, but we believe this is only the beginning. Nowadays "Aksioma" is not just a manufacturer of medical equipment and instruments. "Aksioma" is the brand which produced a modern and high-quality endoscopic and endovedeosurgery equipment, which are complies with international standards. During creating of our equipment take part more than 150 employees in different fields of knowledge. Each tools are manufactured under the brand "Aksioma " undergoes a thorough technical inspection. This is ensures the highest reliability of our equipment and this is confirmed by decades of trouble-free operation. Due to all these features " "Aksioma" has stable a high demand not only among the Russian medical institutions, but also abroad. Today our products are export to USA, Germany, Turkey, Iran, CIS countries. And every year, consumer demand is only grows. We do not just invention and production of first-class medical technology , but also its servicing
Due to our products hundreds of medical institutions in the country were able to upgrade their obsolete equipment , and now thousands of patients are able to undergo examination and treatment with high-quality modern diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment. We are started cooperation with medical universities and have already equipped several departments of quality endosurgical equipment it means that a lot of young specialists in the field of endoscopy will be able to learn a profession and improve their professional level. And we will be happy to see you among our partners and friends. If you have any questions to us, or have something to offer us, please contact us, we will be glad to new acquaintances!

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